Golola Moses wins again against Titus Tugume


Moses Golola has got himself king of boxing in Uganda after battling his rival Titus Tugume and winning him on points.

It should be noted that in the first fight,Tugume was given a knockout and he refused to agree with the result of the day.

Tugume asked for a re-match claiming that it was unfair to be beaten in just seconds.

The long awaited re-match happened yesterday 14th February at MTN Arena and by the end of the fight, Golola Moses had won his rival Titus Tugume on 201 – 195 points.

We bring you the comments of both rivals after the fight.

Titus ‘Hard Rock’ Tugume:

I respect the results and there isnt much I can do to change them now.

I think I scored far much better than Goloa. He (Golola) should learn to be a disciplined fighter.

Golola Moses ‘Of Uganda’:

I thank God for this victory.

I thank Rock Boooom and all my sponsors. I am not giving up.

I now want to advance in academics.

Tugume should continue training, he is an aggressive fighter.

Me, I will soon retire when I play a planned fight coming up. I thank my fans and promoters. Big up to my trainers and all the boxers and kick-boxers

New Records:
Golola earns his 23rd victory off 29 professional fights where he has also had two losses and four draws.

On the other hand, the fight was Tugume’s 9th professional fight, second loss (ironically both coming from Golola) and seven victories (three technical knock-outs).

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