FDC rejects 2016 presidential Results

mugisha muntu

As the electoral commission continues tallying votes from across the country, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has rejected the results, saying they are a result of unacceptable fraud.

In a press release sent to different media houses, the party president, Rt Gen Mugisha Muntu called upon all Ugandans and the international community to “reject and condemn the fraud that has been committed and to expose it to the fullest extent possible.”

The FDC’s stand on the election results came just minutes after the European Union and common wealth observers described the election process as anything but free and fair.

In the press release, Gen Muntu condemned the military presence on the streets and the intimidation of people but said the situation can be turned around to favour the pro-change voice.

“At a strategic level, the situation is highly in our favour. At a tactical level, where Museveni still has some temporary advantages, we must focus on shifting that imbalance in our favour,” he said.

However, he cautioned that people should be psychologically prepared for the arbitrary arrest that will follow.

“Clearly what we are witnessing in the choreographed announcements of the fraudulent results is part of a creeping political coup d’état.  However, we have no doubt at all that the Ugandan people will ultimately prevail,” he said.

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