Guvnor Ace and Monalisa Larsson part ways


Barely a year into their marriage that happened last year in August,Guvnor Ace and Monalisa Larsson have decided to part ways. It is believed that Guvnor Ace  has decided to walk away and get involved with a Ugandan lady with whom they went to Norway.

According to Monalisa, Guvnor Ace just used her to get documents to Europe and that he has another Ugandan woman he went within Europe after he had told her to go shopping.

She also added that the artiste went to Norway to seek for political asylum.

The 28-year old Leone Island musician real names Ronald Semawere was engaged to Monalisa since June 2015 but decided to make it official last year after confessing that he was madly in love with the Swedish-born lady. He rubbished claims that he is only after her money and fortune.

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