Lukwago wins Kampala mayoral election

Erias Lukwago has been declared winner of the 2016 Kampala mayoral election with 176,637 votes from 82% of results from 1,101 polling stations.
Daniel Kazibwe (Ragga Dee) polled 49,366 votes while Issa Kikungwe finished last with 7,759 votes.
After being declared winner, this what Erias Lukwagao had to say.

“It is yet another historic moment for me. I am quite honoured, I am really excited. It is a moment I will live to treasure for a lifetime. I have endured with a lot of challenges, and many would imagine I would never live to see this moment. It was not really foreseeable given the challenges which appeared almost insurmountable.

“I am honoured again to once again gain another tenure – or to renew my mandate – as the Lord Mayor. It is a very sweet victory. Why? Because it has been a tough journey. Five years ago, I stood in this hall to make a statement upon being declared the Lord Mayor of Kampala. At that time I did not defeat Peter Ssematimba, I defeated President Yoweri Museveni , and he did not take it lightly. He took offence.

I have nothing personal against the person of the President, I have nothing personal against President Museveni, and I have nothing personal to whoever subscribes to the NRM party.

I maintain my firm position: with this new mandate, I will not succumb to any form of intimidation and I will not succumb to any form of manipulation.

I maintain that we need to transform Kampala into a modern city based on a shared vision. My call to the new team is: let’s cooperate, let’s build rapport, for the good of our city.

I have a list of priorities, because this is very important. What we need to do is to rebuild the structures in the city. We want to restore to rule of law and good governance. It is only a robust and vibrant authority that will deliver the kind of city you want. I am amenable to criticism; I am amenable to checks and balances. I am neither alpha nor omega.

As soon as I enter City Hall, one thing I will do is to work on the main drainage channel. We must come up with a new structural plan realigning key issues like coming up with a programme for neighbourhoood planning, there must be a clearly demarcated industrial area. We must plan for our transport system, we must plan for our infrastructure.

On accountability: there is no compromise on issues of accountability because this is the hallmark of accountable governance. Right now it is a taboo to talk about accountability in this city”.

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