I do not miss Cindy


After Cindy recently confessed that she still misses her ex Mario Brunnete, the Italian dude has come out angered by the claims! He is furious. He says he does not miss the “Ndi Mukodo” singer at all.

He decried her poor parenting skills saying fame got to her head that she does not even care about their child. He went on to reveal that Cindy has no time for their child to the extent that she might soon even fail to recognise who she is.

“She is too busy with her career. That is the only thing she will never forget. When I met her, she was more caring but she lost it. Every time Amani is at her place, she leaves her with the sister,” he reportedly stated.

He claims he confronted her about their child but all pleas fell on deaf ears.

Cindy reportedly begged him to have him back in her life after she failed to win over Phina Mugerwa’s man. Mario says he is not interested in her.

However, Cindy says she still loves him. Even her greatest hits, “Ayokyakyokya” and “One & Only” were dedicated to his sweet tender loving. Let’s see how this goes.

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