Sekikubo and Niwagaba vying for the top Seat in Parliament


Lwemiyaga member of parliament Theodore Sekikubo and his conterpart Wilfred Niwagaba have expressed their interest in becoming Deputy Speaker of Parliament. The two who are commonly known as Rebel Members of Parliamnt said that they are interested in this top Job.

However when asked as to why the two friends decided to stand on the same post, Sekikubo said that he has more experience than his counterpart and he also said that he knows Niwagaba would stand down for him at the last hour.

Niwagaba also said that the two will come to a consensus in regard to this matter. It should be noted that Sekikubo went back to the rulling party NRM and stood on the NRM ticket contrary to his counterpart who came as an independent candidate.

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