3 Days in Europe Expo to happen in Uganda


The European Business Forum will in May 2016 host the first of its kind, Annual Business Expo and Food Festival dubbed ‘3 Days in Europe’ in Uganda. The 3 day-long event aims at facilitating business development, trade partnerships as well as cultural exchange between Europe and Uganda.

‘3 days in Europe’ is slated to kick off on Friday May 6, 2016 and run until the evening of Sunday May 8, 2016 at the Sheraton Kampala Gardens. The two part event will highlight trade opportunities alongside cultural diversity and exchange. A business Expo in association with embassies, missions and private businesses is set to host and address opportunities in renewable energy, agriculture, performing arts, tourism, trade investment, value enhancement for export as well as skills development for sustainable growth. There will be colloquium sessions to allow for expertise exchange.

The Festival will celebrate and embrace European and Ugandan cultural diversity through food, beverage, fashion and entertainment. Cuisine restaurants are set to demonstrate and spinoff European recipes with the use of local ingredients. Prolific instrumentalists and live performances from seasoned bands will set the tone for the evening entertainment. An exclusive runway show by renowned fashion designer Sylvia Owori is a must-attend for fashion lovers.

The European Business Forum is a platform used to strengthen and develop the EU – Uganda economic ties. It is born out of the growing number of European businesses and investment into Uganda. The European Business Forum aims to make Uganda more attractive for business through high-level advocacy, networking and the exchange of information between the European Business Community and the Government of Uganda on business matters. The association allows for European businesses to pool forces and speak with one voice under their advocacy arm with the Ugandan authorities.

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