#SaveCarol car wash raises UgShs 53,790,000


Atuhirwe Carol is looking for about 270 million to undergo throat reconstruction surgery at the University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Before 2011, Atuhirwe was a campus girl carrying on with her life just like you and me. She was almost done with her studies at the University. Five years later, Carol is bedridden in the Cancer Institute at Mulago feeding and breathing through a tube.

Before Saturday 23rd April 216, about 117 million had been collected. A champaign to raise funds to support her treatment was mounted on SOCIAL MEDIA by friends and family with the hash tag #SaveCarol. A car was organized for the same cause at Panamera bar where the public took part.

At the event, cars were being washed for Ugshs 50,000 only. Ugandans expressed their love by taking part in the event. , and the general public is urged to lend a helping hand to find the balance and save her life.

Many contributions were made with a total of 53,790,000.

A more generous contribution came in from SK Mbuga who paid for his fleet of 10 cars to be washed. He paid 1 million shillings for his shoes to be cleaned by Aganaga(ceremonial shoe shinner) and offered to buy 4 tickets for the Carol and her care givers to USA.

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