Bobi Wine sues Electoral Commission


The Uganja Republic President has draged the Electoral commission to court for having used his song, ‘Obululu’ in their sensitisation adverts, Bobi Wine aka Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi in a suit against the Electoral Commission claims to have suffered such embarrassment and humiliation amongst his peers who treat him as a traitor.

He adds that the song has now been adulterated, plagiarised and has lost value. He adds that in its current form, the song cannot attract any sponsor for its launch.

Through his lawyers of Busingye & Co Advocates, Bobi Wine wants the Commercial Court to declare that the electoral body infringed on his rights to privacy, identity and dignity.

The artist also wants court to compel the EC to compensate him in damages, general damages and punitive damages. He however does not state how much compensation he envisages in damages.

The court has summoned the EC to file in its defense within 15 days from the date of receipt of the summons.

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