Victoria University launches new Courses.


In a bid to remain  a pivot of academic excellence, offering a fresh and intellectually thriving environment that nurtures critical and progressive thinkers and pushes pedagogical boundaries, Victoria University has increased on the number of courses that it offers to the public.

We had an exciting interview with the University Academic registrar and the interview went as follow.

You recently announced new programs starting August 2016, kindly advise which programs you are launching?

Diploma in Banking and Finance

Diploma in Journalism and Media studies

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Human Resource Management and a

Bachelor of International Business.

Why these new programs you are launching?

These courses are inspired by the need to equip learners with the necessary leadership skills in a professional setting. Furthermore, these programs are popular among students who aspire to eventually run their own business. They are assured of job growth, acquiring transferrable skills, opportunity to climb the ladder and even become better-rounded. To ensure these are fully achievable, opportunities for Distance learning are a particularly trendy choice in this scenario since students may keep their full-time jobs while going to school online.

One of the programs is Bachelor of International Business; Why should a student choose this program?

The degree program prepares undergraduates for tasks demanding business expertise and for entry-level managerial positions worldwide in national and particularly in international companies and organisations.

International Business graduates/students are exposed with real-world skills that are necessary to be competitive in the job market and successful in business careers. They learn to think critically, evaluate issues and analyze international complex processes. Specific skills that are developed in the course of earning a business degree include the following:

  • Working in a multicultural environment
  • Business information systems development
  • Business process management
  • International Business administration and management
  • Forms of business organizations
  • Developing business concepts

What career options are available with this program?

The program will challenge you to look for your field of expertise and career path in business.

Students who undertake this program will have relatively wider employment opportunities and can comfortably work as;

    1. Marketing advisor
    2. Sales negotiator
    3. Export-Import operation
    4. Financial management
    5. Product management
    6. Entrepreneurs
    7. Business controllers
    8. Business process analysis
    9. Business requirements analysis
    10. Business consultants
    11. Project managers

Please tell us more about Diploma courses; are they still relevant for this market? What is the career direction for a diploma holder?

Professionals with business diplomas can have a variety of careers due to the interdisciplinary nature of business and media education. Your diploma applies to many different jobs because you will learn skills that are important to a variety of industries and service sectors. Some examples of careers include:

  • Human resources manager
  • Corporate executive
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Sales manager
  • Free lance media practitioner, and reporter
  • Loan officer
  • Real estate agent
  • Computer information systems manager
  • Event planner and
  • Can choose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree course in the field of their choice.

Finally we have seen short courses adverts in the media? When do you start these and who are you targeting?

These short courses start this May and anybody interested in them can apply provided they meet the requirements. Programs shall be run as evening /weekend of day programs for some faculties. More details on these short courses can be found on the University Website on this link

Any final remarks?

The function of business is to create fiscal integrity and stability, employment, prosperity, and beneficial products and services. Victoria University students are well-versed in sustaining businesses that are ethically grounded, socially conscious, environmentally friendly, and financially viable, and have the skills and experience to emerge as leaders in today’s business environment. VU focuses on the success of its students; whether they wish to pursue a graduate degree or want to hit the ground running in the workforce. The low student-to-faculty ratio provides individual attention in an environment that encourages student involvement. Students experience a diversified learning experience. Internships, community service, and technology is integrated into classroom studies to simulate a real-life work environment that prepares students for everyday problem solving in the business environment.


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