Gen Sejusa is no longer a UPDF officer, High court rules


The High Court has declared that Gen David Sejusa is no longer a serving officer of the UPDF.

Justice Margeret Oumo  Oguli said that  Sejusa is entitled  to  constructive discharge from the army  since he no longer receives a salary and other benefits nor he has been deployed by the UPDF  for one  and a half years now.

“Sejusa has served for so long in the police and army; all the people he served with in the high command are all retired and has not been any threat to security as a result of the same. The state refusing to retire him is a glaring act of discrimination against him,” Justice Oumo said while delivering her ruling.

She added that by taking away Sejusa’s tools of operation like his guns, uniforms, not paying him a salary and allowances has made him to be in captivity.

Gen Sejusa petitioned the High Court challenging his trial in military court on account that he was constructively retired from the army and cannot be subjected to martial law.

Unless the State appeals the ruling and wins, Gen Sejusa will certainly retire from the army and he cannot be tried in the military court. .

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