Mpumalanga prophet drowns and gets eaten by crocodiles after attempting to walk on water

A well known prophet from White River in Mpumalanga has died after attempting to walk on water. When prophet Jeremiah Mahlangu (35) attempted to show off in front of hundreds of church goers who were part of a baptism that was held at Mgwenya River in Kanyamazane, he unfortunately drowned and got attacked by crocodiles. This incident took place on Thursday afternoon. Referencing Matthew 14:22-33, Mahlangu said that he received a revelation which told him that with enough faith he could achieve what the Lord was able to. Sadly by the second step into the water Mahlangu found himself completely submerged. He never returned Some say he was disturbed by a ringing phone in the crowd. As he turned his head to see who brought a phone to the baptism, he lost he focus and started drowning.
The prophet had performed many other miracles before; like turning peanuts into peanut butter, lighting a candles with match sticks and making lemonade out of lemons. But this time, his power did not to work for him. Many of his followers are still in shock and some say he will come back to life.

A family members has denied rumors stating that the prophet’s body will be auctioned. He stated that they might not be burying it too soon, just in case he resurrects, as his mission on earth is not complete. Walking on water is not easy. Not too many people have done it. Let’s see, there’s Jesus, and well, that’s about it.
Paramedics arrived on the scene two hours later to try to save what is left of prophet, and it was already too late as the crocodiles already torn him and his garments apart, leaving only his knee caps, elbows, ribs, and skull. This is not the first incident of this nature in Africa. At Ibadon zoo in south-west Nigeria, a self-proclaimed Prophet claimed to be able to do what the Daniel of the bible did by walking into a den full of lions. Though he was warned numerous times by zoo keepers, according to NG Newspapers, the Prophet thought of them as nothing more than enemies of progress. The Prophet, with a crowd of people watching, put on a long red robe and proceeded to enter the cage full of lions. Within seconds of opening the door, the lions ripped the Prophet from flesh to bone. The bible should come with a warning label, “Don’t try this at home.


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