Victoria University starts Regional Nurses and Midwives ICT and Research workshops


Victoria University is proud to announce its first ever regional Nurses and Midwives ICT and Research workshops.

Following a needs assessment conducted by Victoria University from 2014-2015 among nurses in Uganda regarding their Education, practice, training and regulation needs, It was identified that the greatest need was limited knowledge in research and ICT especially in the area of transforming evidence into best practice using technology.

It is to this effect that Victoria University has organized workshops around the country in different areas i.e  Mbarara, Gulu,  Mbale, Hoima and Kampala.

The purpose of the workshops therefore is to straighten capacity among nurses and midwives of all ranks and cadres in research and ICT skills.

Victoria University therefore invites Nurses and midwives of all cadres in Uganda. The university plans to have more workshops on an annual basis in different regions of the country and held in different districts on a rotational basis. They shall be held as per the needs that will be recommended from the ongoing workshops.

Also part of our future plans is to partner with key stakeholders in the nursing and Midwifery fraternity like the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council, Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union, Uganda Private midwives Association, Ministry Of Health , UNFPA and several others to ensure that these workshops reach as many nurses and midwives in Uganda as possible. Our key goal is building and strengthening capacity among the available human resources for health (HRH) using affordable and socially acceptable methods. We hope that this will lead to more evidence based practice and thus help nurses and midwives play a more pivotal role in reduction on some key health indicators like maternal, newborn and infant mortality.

The programme will be held as per the dates below;

  • Mbarara ; 7th -10th July 2016      Fee : 50,000
  • Gulu : 14th -17th July 2016          Fee : 70,000
  • Mbale : 21st-24th July 2016        Fee : 50,000
  • Hoima : 28th-31st July 2016        Fee : 50,000
  • Kampala: 5th -7th August 2016   Fee : 50,000


For more information and to participate ; email : or call 0782861883/0417727000

August –September admissions is in progress and we encourage our readers to apply today



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