Kampala Parents’ School embraces computer lessons for its Pupils


Kampala Parents’ School is a model school in the country.

With the introduction of computer lessons, the school has gone ahead to make sure that each and every pupil gets access to a computer. All Pupils at Kampala parents are taught how to use a computer and the benefits of using it.

It might seem too complicated for some people to learn how to use these machines but surprisingly when you visit Kampala Parents, the pupils use these machines like as if they have been with them for years. All this is achieved because of the good teachers that are available at the school.

At Kampala parents school, there is a spacious and modern computer lab that ensures a comfortable learning environment for pupils to polish their computer skills something that gives them a competitive edge over their peers.

The School is committed to helping pupils prepare for the future. The schools is also determined to help pupils reach their full potential by using technology as a tool and enhance the educational process.
By being knowledgeable about computers, children are able to research career opportunities that can prepare them for their chosen profession.

Find out more about the school on www.kampalaparents.com.

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