I have travelled in taxis for quiet along time but I have found the job of taxi conductors interesting & full of secrets of success that we can borrow for our other work that we do.

They are hard working,risk takers resilient,calculative, with a sharp strong memory and very commited to their work as they conduct their business with passengers.

They will keep their heads spinning to check in all directions and then stretch out their left shouldier out of the taxi as it moves, with determination not to lose any opportunity of a traveling  passenger.

Taxi conductors are very vigilant, they know the dangerous spots where there is traffic police and they stretch their necks to see any trouble ahead  especially police. They will try all means to avoid danger zones unlike some of us young people and they will immediately engage their strong weapon of negotiation when their business is intercepted by police unlike some of us who may be too arrogant with no sense of humility when police stops us or finds us in wrong.

They are good at coordination ,team work and communication with the drivers . I have carefully observed that they knock a certain place near the door with their middle fingers to alert the driver to stop or move and then they keep them in check for any trouble as they move.
Some of us have failed to work as a team or coordinate our businesses to succeed but we want to do everything alone even where it is evident we need assistance.

It becomes interesting when it comes to their sharp memory as they are able to clearly recall the questions of who entered and who left, who owes me and who do I owe and at what point  a passenger joined in and at what fare or charge, without mixing up. It is tricky how they will deal with these passengers who enter and leave at different taxi stop points.
This makes me realize their serious commitment when it comes to the final stage of sealing their contract with passengers.

Like any successful business people, they are shrewd and aggressive and will not let you cheat them or breach the agreement or else they use their power by keeping their their door closed until you clear them or else they take you beyond your destination.

Lastly is that taxi  conductors will seat hanging and balancing on one side of the body , roll the door to and forth several times without getting tired which portrays them as very hardworking people.

Friends out there, if only we could borrow a few principles of hardwork, determination, commitment, resilience, aggressiveness on what we want, focus  with team work like taxi conductors , then some of us would be successful. Before we despise them and judge them to be quarrelsome and unbecoming, let us re think of what they go  throughout the day and it should humble us to always assist them such as  paying them in time and abiding by the terms and conditions when we chose to travel with them.

The author is a writer and trainer on attitude.

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