Center for Urban Governance & Development to host SAMSET Training Workshop


In order to continue developing Milestone Programs in Urban Governance and Management to provide a Whole-Of-Government perspective to Uganda’s integrated approach to urban development and management, the Center for Urban Governance and Development in conjunction with Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi and Victoria University has organized a 4 days Training workshop on Supporting African Municipalities in Sustainable Energy Transitions.(SAMSET).

The consortium of organisations involved in the SAMSET project (Supporting African Municipalities in Sustainable Energy Transitions), including academic, municipal and NGO partners has organised this Continued Professional Development course in order to help address a very pressing issue in the world today – the sustainability of our society into the future, and it is doing this through the particular lense of energy.

Energy is vital to every aspect of the functioning of our economy, cities, transport systems, as well as personal welfare, and as such it is a completely cross-cutting theme, touching on all aspects of life.

The SAMSET project is working to better understand the needs and how such capacitation can possibly be done, with a focus on our current and future energy needs.  The project includes organisations and municipalities from the countries of Uganda, South Africa, Ghana and The UK.  Not only is research undertaken to inform decision-makers of the problems and opportunities, but strategies are developed to address these, and implementation of the strategies is supported.

This Continuous Professional Development Course is a part of raising awareness and building capacity around this important area, and  encourage you to participate fully, bring your experience to this forum, and learn from the body of experience that exists here amongst the local and international experts.

In line with what the SAMSET project is doing is the Municipal Development Strategy, a project in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development. It is interesting to note the opportunity we have here to fast track and ground what SAMSET set out to achieve for Jinja and Kasese and later test or roll out possibilities in other municipalities.

Openings include investing in energy support infrastructure, skilling key experts, interacting with best practice examples and providing an enabling environment for grassroots engagement.

All these openings provide an opportunity to work together in innovating some practical and
implementable initiatives.

I call for your support as I do offer mine.

Indeed, the impending partnership between SAMSET, Faculty of the Built Environment (UMU) and Centre for Governance and Development is exciting. It is strategic enough for capacitating key players, engaging society – the idea of participation and as a think tank for practical solutions at both policy and service delivery level. Over all, it is an opportunity to showcase innovation and best practices in urban governance as a driver for sustainable urban energy planning, implementation and management.

Click here for the Program.

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