Fans Treated To A Thrilling Game Of Football As Victoria University Hosts Axial International College


Football is a game of love yet sometimes it ends in a painful way.  The thrilling game of football is best known for its unifying factor. Last Saturday, at Kabira Country Club in Bukoto, football brought together two of Uganda’s leading international education centers Victoria University and Axial International College Uganda in a friendly match.

The thrilling football match which left fans on tenterhook saw Axial College defeat Victoria University 8-2. The hosts however saw this as an opportunity to improve on their game. The two teams confessed to picking up more positives that the goals scored.

An Axial College manager commented that achieving success and personal glory in athletics has less to do with win and losses than it does with learning how to prepare yourself so that at the end you could have done to reach your ultimate goal.

Axial International College is licensed (PL0067) by The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) Uganda. It is a member of the Axial International Colleges worldwide. It brings in Uganda over 30 years of experience in higher education.

Victoria University which is part of the Ruparelia Group is committed to the advancement of higher education in the country and the East African region by establishing exemplary, specialized and employment-oriented education.

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