Genesis fashion night: Ten designers to showcase tomorrow

Models ready to showcase

HELLEN Lukoma of the Liking house of fashion has finally revealed massive plans for her fashion line event night slated for tomorrow at Cayenne. In an exclusive interview this morning at Cayenne lounge, Liking noted that ten designers are set to showcase their fashion besides make outright sales as one way if promoting the fashion industry. “The beauty about fashion show is for a designer being able to showcase as well as she his it her products” Lukoma said. With the fourth edition of the event happening tomorrow fashionistas including Rafael, I Martha Jabo and Nina Mirembe are expected to grace the passion. According to Lukoma the biggest challenge faced by Uganda fashion designers is the disbelief among people who still prefer imported outfits over local ones. ‘We are not in fashion of fun but rather take it as a job and for this reason we strive to produce the best attires that can fit perfectly well in the market but people still fear to approach us for business’

Asked if this was due to the market price of there products being expensive, Lukoma retaliated saying some of the outfits showcased some go for as low as thirty thousand shillings price any ordinary Ugandan can afford. It’s her plea therefore that Ugandan can embrace the work of local designers if they are to hit the international scenes

Hellen Lukoma in blue cafe doing final touches of an event with friends

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