MoWT changes Vehicle, motor-bike number plates

The ministry of works and transport has introduced policy changes that affect the registration of motor cycles in Uganda.

All motor cycles will be assigned 2 rectangular shaped number plates when they register for the first time i.e. for the front and rear. This replaces the current practice of issuing only one number plate.

Motor cycles for private use will be issued number plates with black characters against a yellow background.

Motor cycles for commercial (Boda-boda) use will be issued number plates with black characters against a white background.

The issuance of number plate series for motor vehicles has been reviewed and streamlined to a single pool as specified in the Traffic and Road Safety Act.

These changes have been effected with effect from December 21, 2016. The changes include:

All number plate series for ordinary, duty free and statutory categories of motor vehicles shall be issued registration numbers from the same pool.

Personalised and diplomatic categories of motor vehicles will be assigned numbers in the same pool to act as a permanent mark for each vehicle throughout its useful life in Uganda.

At the time of re-registration or boarding off of a motor vehicle, Duty free and statutory vehicle categories will maintain the same number with black characters but the background colour of the number plate will be changed to ordinary category.

Similarly, Personalised and diplomatic vehicle categories will be issued the ordinary numbers that were assigned at the time of first registration into Uganda.

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