FDC members consider change of party constitution allowing past leaders to vie for party positions


A plan to amend the constitution of Uganda’s main opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change could cause a huge rift among its members if it goes through.

The plan is to change clauses in the constitution to allow former FDC leaders have another go at leadership positions within the party.

According to the supporters of the proposed constitutional amendments, many of FDC’s past leaders have been rendered useless to the party and yet they still have a lot to offer.

However, some party members are opposed to the proposed amendment saying it will cause divisions in the party and it is detrimental to the spirit of democratic change of leadership within the party.

There are suspicions in some quarters that the amendment is meant to pave the way former party president, Kizza Besigye, to contest.


However, the former FDC presidential candidate has taken to twitter to deny any knowledge of the proposed amendment and stated that even if the amendment was passed he would not vie for the position of party president again.

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