Social media attacks St. Lawrence Schools for inviting fabiola to inspire students.


Days back, St. Lawrence Schools invited Anita Fabiola to inspire and motivate the Students.Her Invitation left many puzzled just because of her Social life and Character.

One of the local tabloid s wrote the following about Fabiola’s Invitation.

Anita Fabiola, a renowned socialite whose name rotates on her nude pictures, booze and changing men like her knickers was invited by St Lawrence schools owned by professor Mukiibi to motivate students and share her success story to inspire students.
Unless the words inspire and motivate have changed meaning, what has Fabiola accomplished!
She dropped out from Makerere University in her first year, she was fired from NTV because someone leaked her authentic nude pictures. She was hosting ‘be my date’ show and the show was substandard according to sources!
Schools usually encourage parents to dress decently while going for visitation of their children but Fabiola put on outfits that make her boobs pop out!
Those close to Fabiola and who have dated her reveal that she can sleep with any man as long as he can foot her bills!
What career guidance can Fabiola give to these innocent students? Can a school like Mt Mary Namagunga or Kings college Buddo invite her?
It is sad and a shame that people like her are becoming the role models of our children!
Yes, now I see our country is heading to dogs.
Does St Lawrence share Fabiola’s values? Is this what parents deserve after paying millions of shillings to ensure a bright future of their children?
What does Fabiola do? What is her expertise? Where does she work?
We should not be shocked if we hear that next time they are inviting Bad Black as a motivational speaker because she has appeared many times on the front page of New Vision!
St Lawrence should give us the criteria they used in inviting Fabiola!

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