High Court in Kampala has acquitted city businessman Andrew Kananura alias Desh and four others of murder charges. On Friday, High Court Judge Joseph Murangira ruled that there was no sufficient evidence pinning the accused of the crime. Murangira said that there was no prosecution witness who saw the accused murdering Badru Kateregga and their evidence was riddled with contradictions.

Kananura was charged with the murder of his employee Badru Katerega at his Panamera bar in Naguru. He was charged together with his brother, Raymond Kananura and three others including Samuel Nzoreba, Jacob Onyango and Sirus Maganda.

Katerega was killed in September 30th, 2012.

It emerged that Kananura was only called in after Katerega had been battered before making attempts to rush the deceased to Norvik hospital.

It will also be remembered that assessors recently advised court to acquit Desh, his brother Raymond and two co-accused, arguing that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict them.

The assessors had asked court to convict Juma Onyango for being negligent, something that clamied led to the death of Kateregga. However, Onyango was also acquitted of murder.

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