Victoria University Dean of Health Sciences releases his 125th book


Record setting bestselling writer and Dean- Faculty of Health Sciences at Victoria University, Kampala – Dr. Krishna N. Sharma has his quasquicentennial book out, “Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Depression,” which has just been available on leading webstore and bookstores.

The renowned academician and researcher, who travels across the globe to teach, has made 3 records in writing and penned 22 bestselling books.

“I can’t resist myself spreading the knowledge,” said Dr. Sharma. “We have got a very short life; let’s make the most out of it. Do whatever you want to do because nobody other than you has guts to stop you.”

Although he has already become the youngest prolific author, Dr. Sharma is still looking forward to write many more books.

It is notable that after years of his experience and supervising more than 60 researches, he recently developed his own therapeutic manual therapy techniques- “Krishna’s Kinetikinetic Manual Therapy (KKMT)” which has already become part of national curriculum by the ministry of higher education, Cameroon and is being taught in several countries.

“I dream to witness the Victoria University with many researches, patents and initiatives useful to the community. I want us to be relevant. I don’t want my students to be a grade and marks scoring machine but an influential and successful citizen of this global village.” says Dr. Krishna.

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