St. Mark’s College Namagoma holds grand Alumni homecoming


St. Mark’s College Namagoma held its first ever grand Alumni homecoming. The event was held last Saturday 24th June 2017 at Namagoma.

The Alumni homecoming was organised in order to bring back all students that had studied from this mighty school.

The following were the objectives of the Alumni homecoming.


  • To reconnect
  • To build networks
  • To give back to the college
  • To share testimonies


  • To build a database
  • To tap into the resource
  • To celebrate success
  • To establish a future liaison office and committee team


  • To establish a strong college network under the flagship of St Mark Namagoma’s College.
  • To yield personal and professional success stories.
  • To increase college spirit and increase enrollment numbers.

The event started in the morning with a community service which was being led by a band. The students together with the administrators moved around the school giving back to the community. Things donated included sugar, soap among others.

After the community service, the school gathered for a career talk that was being conducted by the Old boys and girls of the school under the topic “HOW DO I SURVIVE AFTER SCHOOL”. Several OB’s and OG’s gave talks which were motivating to students.

After the career talk, the OB’s and OG’s had a tree planting session together with the school directors.  Each year from 2003 up to 2016 planted their own trees.  Sports activities were also conducted. The activities included football and Volleyball.

The most exciting activity on this day was the dinner which was supposed to start at 6:00pm.  Dressed in black and gold, the Alumni started flocking into the hall one by one. The dinner was sparked off with a service which was led by his grace bishop Kityo Luwalira.  Other dignitaries were  the chairman Board of governors, the school directors and the staff members.

The event ended with the launch of the St. Mark Old Students’ Association (SMOSA). The launch was done by  his grace bishop Kityo Luwalira. The Association was launched to help the OB’s and OG’s in Bridging communities, i.e Alumni opening SMACON doors to the community and for the community of SMACON, Creating lifelong center for giving back (Alumni & students experience) and Supporting career inspirations of the students and Alumni (Alumni & future students) engage in career clinics.

Top performers among the Alumni were also awarded.

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