Iganga Woman MP Grace Kaudha dies while giving birth

Iganga Woman Member of Parliament (MP) Kaudha Grace Hailat Magumba,30, died Friday night after she developed complications related to pregnancy.
The Secretary General of the ruling National Resistance Movement(NRM) Justine Lumumba confirmed the death, revealing that Kaudha passed away at Mulago National Referral Hospital (Kawempe extension) after succumbing to severe pre-eclampsia.
Pre-eclampsia is a condition during pregnancy where there is a sudden rise in blood pressure and swelling, mostly in the face, hands, and feet.
Preeclampsia is the most common complication to occur during pregnancy and a leading cause of death among expectant mothers.
The 2016 National Maternal mortality rates indicate that Uganda has 336 deaths per 100,000 live births.
According to Lumumba, Kaudha was reportedly rushed to Case Clinic in the centre of Kampala only to be told that there was no gynaecologist on duty.
She was referred to Mulago National Referral hospital (Kawempe extension) where she died.
Kaudha was born on October 14, 1986 and was serving her first term in Parliament on the ruling National Resistance Movement(NRM) ticket.
The MP has been serving on the Committee on rules, discpline and privileges and the Committee on Gender, Labour and Social Development.
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