Nyege Nyege Festival Lives up to Expectation


Last weekend, thousands of party goers from all over the world flocked the source of the Nile in Jinja for the third edition of the Nyege Nyege international music festival.

The three days event that took place at Nile discovery beach, Jinja was an explosion of culture, fashion, music and art from various places across the globe.

The festival opened on Thursday morning for the campers with a pre-party at night. The daytime atmosphere was relaxed as people enjoyed watching live music and chilling out, drinking Uganda Waragi cocktails while the evenings were epic as people partied until the wee hours of the morning as they danced from one stage to the other.

The festival had three stages, the Bell Lager stage, the techno and electronic dance stage and one for the reggae lovers.  There were performances from over 190 artists from 30 African countries .The Bell Lager stage, which was the main stage not only fed its audience with non stop music and performances for 72 hours but also gave away free Bell Lager beers for the festival goers.

Some of the notable perfumers included Ugandan dancehall star Maro, Apio Moro, Byg Ben Sukuya, Jackie Akello, Kongoloko, Aka Dope band among others.

The festival also offered several food stalls, bars, lounges, fashion stalls, art exhibitions, chill out areas, swimming, and boat rides.


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