Uganda Communication Commission signed an implementation agreement with Mixa Publishing Limited.

Mixa Publishing Limited is the organization behind the first ever children digital platform (www.mixakids.com) with stories for children by children and the publishers of the Mixakids newspaper.

Under this agreement Mixa Publishing Limited shall continue  with its mandate to increase usage of ICT and related resources plus literacy enhancement by reaching out to communities to open more reading and ICT Zones.

Mixa Publishing Limited emerged as winner for the Digital Content Category of the ACIA 2016 award and thus qualified for a seed funding of USD 7,500.

Under this award the following shall be achieved;

  1. Opening of atleast 70 Reading/ICT zones in various communities.
  2. Illustration of 100 e-Books written by Ugandan children and shared with the world through the digital platform; www.mixakids.com
  3. Training for atleast 2,000 children and 500 parents from different regions of the country on how to use the Mixakids platform(www.mixakids.com).

The project areas to be covered shall include schools and communities from the districts of Kampala, Mukono, Iganga, Wakiso, Masaka, Mbarara among many others in Uganda.

About Uganda Communication Commission;

Is a corporate body established by the Uganda Communication Act 2013 with the objective of developing a modern communications sector in Uganda. It is mandated to promote research into the development and use of new technologies.

Uganda Communication Commission has been running the ACIA awards since 2010 with an aim of promoting ICT innovation through provision of funds to support the advancement of innovations that emerge as winners under the various categories of the Awards.


About Mixakids

MixaKids is a digital publishing platform specifically crafted for children in Africa. The platform has materials, mainly eBooks and stories that are developed by children for children.

Mixakids Objectives

The core objectives of MixaKids programme are to enhance children’s:

  1. Literacy (reading and writing) skills.
  2. Usage of ICT and related resources.
  3. Entrepreneurship and investment skills through creative writing.
  4. Financial literacy and saving culture.

Mixa Publishing Limited also publishes a bi-monthly newspaper “Mixakids Newspaper” : A newspaper for young minds.

For more information on the implementation of this Memorandum of Understanding,

Please contact:

Mixakids Partnership and Community Liason Officer

Kullein Ankunda


0392 -266748/7

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