Uganda Police Honors Tycoon Bryan White

Socialite and Tycoon Bryan White being honoured by police officers

Socialite and Tycoon Bryan White, aka Brian Kirumira, has done his best with his money and popularity in Uganda to fight against poverty among the youth, even going the extra mile of recruiting top singers with influence in the community.

As among the motivational speakers invited to grace Police Community Policing at Kibuli Police Station, Bryan White was honored with a medal from the Uganda Police as a sign of appreciating his works in the Country.

Bryan White was quoted, “Youths are the next generation, lets work hard for the future. Let youths stop taking alcohol and drugs from morning to evening, and at the end of the day they blame the government. Set up youth groups where i can help you through projects. Am not going to tell you to abstain, but you condoms always and rely on all family planning methods”.

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