Another NRM strong man takes on Dr Elioda Tumwesigye



It’s always ok to give another chance, at last the final results are good for all.

In his words thanking the people of Sheema district and the municipality at large Eng Raymond Kamugisha assured his supporters with great support.

Good afternoon Sheema, ladies and gentlemen! The women, the young energetic people, the elders, business community, professionals and all stakeholders of this great new municipality, today we begin a formal interaction on a number of issues cutting across all sectors and aspects of livelihood in our area.
As you may well be aware am not new to this engagement, having participated in the last elections and you made me proud but certainly it was not my time. I come back to you first with great appreciation for your acceptance that I stand before you another time to request for your support.
Going by the unfolding events, I believe we all can see that it’s timely and vital that we this time make aright choice. I have spent my time since the last elections reviewing myself for you and would honestly wish to apologize for the mistakes of the past. I call for a new Victorious focus, one of unity, reconciliation and commitment to social economic interests of our area.
I don’t want to promise heaven on earth because I know you know that under a multiparty reign, we implement party agenda but also there other issues we can handle together outside the party manifesto.
These include prioritizing job creation for our young people, advocating for the improvement of our public health service delivery, improving our public sector education and introduction of alternative wealth creation ventures in addition to the traditional existent ones. The urbanization of our area comes with challenges we shall need to handle.
We shall achieve this together through dialogue and consultation with you. My duty as MP will be to facilitate our consultancy process and to lobby .
We are a new generation leadership seeking to put right the wrongs and uphold the right. About the ongoing signals of greed and selfishness in our party, I assure you we are set to put all that right.
As of now we are in good communication and comradeship with all contestants, to play good clean politics as a new breed.
I won’t talk much about what I want to do but will concentrate my team in documenting what we need done, how we want to be led and who should lead us as determined by you great people. In cementing the assurance of our desires as a constituency, I appeal for your support, your approval, your defense, your vote on 25th May and July 19th by the grace of God.
I thank you!
Together we can

large Eng Raymond Kamugisha

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