Ex Rwampara Mp Chokes On Shillings 20 Million Debt

Ex Rwampara Mp Amon Reeves Muzoora In Choking Debt

Former Rwampara Member Of Parliament Amon Reeves Muzoora  is on bended
knees  over a multi million shillings loan he acquired from a friend.

The staunch NRM party diehard and  government  officer  is  in  trouble  after acquiring  a shillings 19,700,000/= loan  from one John Mugasha  for  his  personal use 6 yrs down the road.

The senior government officer acquired the loan on the 8th/March/2012 with his wife Alice Balinda  Muzoora and they were expected to pay back by the  27th/April/2012. And since then, the complainant has been combing the whole town and hunting for them
until he dragged them to court under civil suit no.414/2018 registered at the Chief magistrate court of Kampala at Mengo.

The debt was expected to be cleared-off with- in 30 days and now 6 yrs of battling to pay the money.  The complainant  thru
his lawyers M/s Shwekyerera,Kalera,Muhame, Advocates dragged  the government officer to court over failing pay  and  breaching the
agreement  after several demand  notes written to him.

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