Disgraced Kayihura Wanted me Arrested by Linking me to Gen Sejusa’s Rebel Group and reporting me to the President; Singer Karim SaavaNsubuga


Singer Karim SaavaNsubuga has come out and revealed that former IGP Gen.KaleKayihura, a few years ago reported him to President Yoweri Museveni over his links with Gen.DavidSejjusa’s alleged rebel group.

Karim made the scathing revelation recently when he posted on his social media pages that ‘’What was the roll of Former Police chief Kayihura????If he once took us to the President mbu Gen Sejjusa has started a rebel group involving people like me!!!! Nhhhmmm.And now mbu they stage managed the Masaka Killers really!Meaning many people are in Uganda prisons for no crime????’’

Segusa and saava Saava's post

It should be noted that at the time that Karim says he was reported to the President, was one of the leading musicians in the country and was then in the good book of Kayihura.

Their fall out is said to have plummeted after Saava ‘s song ‘ Akalulu’  was used in the 2006 elections by the opposition as a theme song .

His association with the Uganda Youth Platform was also used as a reason of him being part of the alleged rebel group, as Gen Sejusa was its Patron.

It should be noted that at the time ,Saava was part of the Youth Platform and was part of the group that headed its youth desk thanks to his huge fun following by virtue of his music.

In May 2013,Kayihura is said to have taken the youths who he had claimed positioned themselves strategically as Sejusa activists and musicians including Catherine Kusasira, Saava Karim, F. Ashaba, Doctor Tee, Betty.

At the meeting that was held at state house in Entebbe, Karim, who had been implicated as the leader of the group, denied the allegations in front of the president.

From about this time, the singer decided to go underground in fear of being witch hunted by Kayihura and stealth his agents.

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