Dynapharm Re-brands to Diamond Interests International Set For Official Launch in August

DI Director Edwin Baruma

 Dynapharm International CEO Edwin Baruma.

We can exclusively reveal that Health products house Dynapharm International has re-branded to Diamond Interests International aka Dyna Group (DNG).

This follows the full acquisition of the firm Ugandan franchise by its now CEO Edwin Baruma.

Dynapharm now Diamond Interests International started its operations in Uganda in 2005, and was then owned by Edwin Baruma and Esther Akampumuza, who later sold it off to one Kenneth Lubega.

However, during the same period, there was a challenge encountered by the brand as some of its products were not readily available, pick up centers closed and some of its members then having their bonus payments sluggishly remitted.

It is at this time that Baruma bought off the company from Lubega  in April this year and thus its now rebranding to Diamond Interests International.

With his acquisition of the company, Baruma has reopened all the 13 pickup centers and also a recently opened up a new center at KamuKamu Plaza off Entebbe road.

DNG’s  range of products that include; DI Grow a   foliar  fertilizer  is  a  liquid  organic  fertilizer extracted   from   the   Acadian   Seaweed   created using  the  US  formula  and  highly  rich  in  complete and  well  balanced  Macro  and  Micro  elements, Foof Supplements, Nutritional products, Herbal medicine, cosmetics and house hold items.

The Dynapharm Story started over 30 years ago with one man’s dream and determination to improve the quality of life through products that  are based on a careful balance of the best Western and Eastern health principles of cleansing and  eliminating bodily wastes, balancing body systems, enhancing our nutritional needs, and  finally preventing ageing and disease.

The Vision  became reality when Mr. Oi Ho Chooi founded  and established what is now the Dynapharm  Group of Companies. Dynapharm began its manufacturing operations in 1981. Strong demand for its quality products saw the company grow through the years, increasing production capacity, product range, manpower, and markets throughout the world.

The company moved to its present premises in 1990, with the factory structured according to the requirements of independently certified Good Manufacturing practices. It now boasts of modern production machineries and state-of-the art quality control facilities, meeting stringent quality standards for the global market.  Inevitably, its product lines grew to include a wide range of pharmaceutical and health care products, with 10 companies in the Dynapharm group

In 1995, to further enhance its commitment to health, Dynapharm entered the exciting world of person-to-person selling through multi-level or network marketing.

Consistent with the health care philosophy that made Dynapharm so uniquely successful, this network marketing operation is now one of the fastest growing in the  multi-level marketing industry in Malaysia, expanding overseas to Singapore, Philippines,  Indonesia, India, Middle East, Africa, United States of America and other new markets.

On June 12, 2003, Dynapharm International Philippines, Inc. – the newest member of the Dynapharm Group- was born. With dramatic changes in marketing, operations, and management systems, equally dramatic results are fast shaping up. From the Philippines as operational base to the rest of the world, Dynapharm International is gearing up for EXPLOSIVE GROWTH!

With its presence steadily being inked onto the African market , Uganda has now become one of the core members of the conglomerate.

DNG is slated to host several activities later this year in Uganda that will be graced by international guests.

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