Government Officer Pinned Over Shillings 163 Millions Deal



A senior government officer  is in  the spotlight  after baggingmillions  of  shillings  over  the government  house  in Entebbe.

Dan Fred Lutaaya and senior town clerk  is  having a paining head  after the  local authorities  and UNRA  demolishing  his  house, he has been occupying for the last couple of years  and using it for business.

This follows  after  the  senior personnel  was  on  Wednesday morning thrown- out  of  the  government  house  after bagging over one hundred million shillings in the  juicy deal.

The forceful eviction came after Lutaaya  refusing  to vacate the government house  located a few meters from the Division ‘A’ offices  after  compensating him shs 163 m  in  April ,2018 and  given  3 months  ultimatum  to vacate the house.

And since then, he has been using the government house and getting rent  out of the business stalls  he developed. He has been charging each craft stall, shs 300,000/= every month and banking on his personal account.

Mayor Vincent  Kayanja DePaul confirmed the development  and added that  the government officer has been fighting tooth and nail to  get a share  of  the  Shs298m  that  was  paid  to Entebbe  Municipal Council  as compensation.

The area RDC Rosemary Kirabira, DPC Samuel Mission, DISO Elias Nimwesiga and other security operatives directed  the senior officer  to vacate the government


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