Businessman Hamis Kigundu accuses Government protocols and procedures on Delaying Nakivubo project

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The Construction of Nakivubo Stadium is on stand still due to few procedures and protocols in government and this has lead to delay of facility finished according to scheduled time agreed.
The redevelopment of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium is on hold due to one of the partners delaying to comply with the client and that’s government procedures

Shortly after launching his new book, “Success and Failure Based on Reason and Reality” confirmed to revamp the stadium and put it to modern standards. Stalled because of government’s failure to abide to the agreement, the developer and businessman Hamis Kiguddu has said.
In his words Kigundu, simply because am a Uganda am committed to construct the stadium as soon as the government procedures are done I will resume the construction.
I have the obligation of constructing this stadium and fully committed with financial capacity I will leave as a legacy and I want to have it as an illustration to all Ugandans that we can develop our own not foreigners to come and develop us .
Government has not yet finalized the procedures and protocols as they had agreed hence he cannot continue with the construction until government abides to the agreement.
Hamis Kiguddu informed our sources that he took up the sole responsibility of constructing the stadium after vendors from the park yard land were evicted last year but it has come to a standstill until government delivers.
“I will do my best to see the fully finished stadium and am committed to construct it at all cost but its implementation has been stalled due to a few procedures and protocols in government which the government is working upon, as soon as they are done, I will go on and finish it ready to hand it in for usage “ Kiguddu said.
He explained that the contract for the stadium was a two way contract where the government had its obligation to fulfill and him as the developer.
“Mine was to construct the stadium and I am fully committed since I have all the financial capacity to construct it.
“I want to leave this stadium behind as a legacy and have it as an illustration to fellow Ugandans that we can develop our country not only outsiders.”
Having one on one with the project manager from Roko Construction Company Aine Ashaba, he said they are just waiting for the issues between the government and their client to be resolved and they commence since 85% of the foundation where the stadium will be constructed was completed.
“The construction of this project is having a number of challenges as you heard from our client, but as contractors, we have finalized the outstanding issues of the designs and final drawings have been submitted for approval. We are set to resume work as far as issues between government and our client are resolved,” Ashabe said.
But according to the client hes ready to do everything possible to see that the stadium is ready as soon as the government sort out issues at hand.

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