Youth Group Pressurize Finance Minister To Drop Bagyenda

Justine Bagyenda

Anti-Corruption Youth Campaigners consisting of Youth Power Research Uganda, Sauti ya Vijana, Youth Crusaders and Uganda Power Youth Movement among others have written to finance minister Matia Kasaija asking him to boldly stand against corruption, refute the appointment of Mrs. Justine Bagyenda on board of Financial Intelligent Authority andmake a public statement in regards to the same.

The youths made the demands in a letter addressed to finance minister dated 20th August 2018. The letter off by Sempala Zahid and Mzee Bwanika of Uganda Poor Youth Movement and Sauti ya Vijana respectively is copied to the Rt. Hon Prime Minister Chairperson, Appointments Committee, Parliament of Uganda  and the Chairperson, COSASE, Parliament of Uganda.

We reproduce the letter as penned by the youths verbatim.

It is saddening as it has come to our attention that Mrs. Justine Bagyenda has been appointed to the board of Financial Intelligent Authority. This country should be reminded that it’s not even a while ago that the person of Mrs. Justine Bagyenda is under investigation under the same authority and therefore her appointment to the board could simply be a move to frustrate investigations.

We the young people (inclusion of the Anti-Corruption Youth Campaign) and as the core foundation of this nation given the time at hand, we; Youth Power Research Uganda, Sauti ya Vijana, Youth Crusaders and Uganda Power Youth Movement among others, merge this day to amplify our out cry to the President of this country, Chairperson of Appointments Committee – Parliament, Minister for Finance – Hon. Matia Kasaija; that the immediate suspension of the appointment serves the best interests of this nation.

We don’t need to remind our fellow country men that our dear nation has been crippled by corruption and people like Bagyenda should not be elevated to rob this nation at the expense of the tax payers money. It is also a bad face of government to associate yourselves with persons whose accumulation of wealth is still dubious and under investigations.

It should also be remembered that through Youth Power Research Uganda, we wrote to the same institution, Finance Intelligence Authority, letter dated 3rd of July 2018; demanding an interim report about the on going Investigation to the same person.

Mr Sydney Asubo, during his press response on the matter on 5th/06/2018 in dairy monitor, promised to provide the report within a week. Unfortunately, the same has not been realized till to date.

We therefore on the same note demand Hon. Matia Kasaija to;

  1. Boldly stand against corruption;
  2. Refute the appointment of Mrs. Justine Bagyenda; and
  3. Make a public statement in regards to the same.

Short of that, we as the youth of this nation are going to demonstrate against the same if not responded to with 10 days from this day.

For God and my Country;

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