PHOTOS: When Victoria University Held Third Graduation Ceremony


Victoria University held its third graduation ceremony with a promise to build and sustain a unique university  not only for people to come and access higher education but to get transformed human beings that think for themselves and ready to provide solutions to life’s challenges.


Dr Martin Aliker, the university chancellor, said it is pleasing to see that the vice chancellor and his team are dedicated to achieving this goal. “I urge you to maintain these principles and even aim higher,” he said.


Dr Aliker said the type and quality of graduates a university produces is reflected in his or her competence. “Today, there are many universities but to survive, Victoria University must offer strong programs. Our graduates must meet global standards & be admissible in any university,” he explained.


Dr. Aliker said to be the best Victoria University must earn it. He noted that while Victoria University can acknowledge work being done by other universities, theirs must have an edge by outing better qualified studegrad1

“This is our goal and we are determined to attain it,” he vowed.He tipped graduating students to maintain networks they have made while at school because they will need them in the future. “Take up responsibilities in government, the private sector and other walks of life.”


Over 40 students graduated with degrees, diplomas and certificates. The theme of the graduation ceremony was ‘transformational Education in the 21st Century’. 


Dr. Emmanuel Katongole who spoke at the third graduation ceremony had some kind and inspirational words for the students leaving the university. Dr Katongole, astute as ever, made mention of the things that these young adults must do to sail through the next life of laboring, finding your footing and contributing to the building the country.


He says employers are looking for a person with ethics and integrity, transparency, quality, accountability and ability to execute assignments.


“Thirty three years ago, at my graduation, as I sat and listened to the chancellor of Makerere University then, the vice chancellor, chairman of council and the commencement speaker then, I was filled with dreams.


“Dreams that I too would contribute something to the country but also to empower myself and my family. I know these are the same dreams that you have.Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy, neither will it be that easy for you. “But what matters is the drive, the desire that you are going to succeed, the determination, the dedication but above all it is the discipline and resolve that you put in,”


The guild president, Maria Peggy Nabunya, in her speech, said the University has done its best to make students excel. “The University has provided an environment to learn and be able to compete in the job market. To many education is a luxury but at Victoria University, it is not.”


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