Kasekende Moved Shs897m Via Mobile Money In 9 Months


Bank of Uganda Deputy Governor Dr. Louis Kasekende transacted over Shs897.060 million through the mobile money platform for the period June 30, 2017 to March 30, 2018, aleaked document from a local telecom services provider has revealed.

Kasekendtransacts over Shs3.3 million on the daily basis. During the period, he received over Shs443.808 million from his family and his farm manager Bagonza Kasekende. In the same period, Kasekende sent out over Shs305.734 million (2017) and about Shs136.965 million (2018).

The document indicates most of Kasekende’s payments went towards clearing utility bills as well as contributions to weddings, church fundraising, building materials, and dry cleaning services.The document also shows that some of the money received by Kasekende was through unregistered mobile phone numbers. The document does not however specify the amount of the money transacted through the unregistered telephone numbers.

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