Standard Gauge Railway construction will start in 2019 – Gov’t


The Ministry of Works and Transport has disputed media reports that the Construction of the Standard Gauge Railway had been abandoned in favour of the upgrading the older Meter Gauge Railway.

According to the Minister of Works and Transport Monica Azuba Ntege, the Meter Gauge Railway and Standard Gauge Railway will be complementary to each other and therefore both projects need to run concurrently.

The SGR system is to consist of four major sections:

Malaba–Kampala Section

Also referred as the Eastern Line, would stretch from the border with Kenya at Malaba, through Tororo and Jinja, to end at Kampala, the capital and largest city in Uganda. The total distance of this section is approximately 215 kilometres

Tororo–Gulu Section

Also referred to as the Northern Line, would extend from Tororo, and go through Mbale and Lira to Gulu, a distance of approximately 400 kilometres (249 mi) From Gulu, one spur will continue north to Elegu and on to Nimule and Juba in South Sudan. The section in Uganda, measures approximately 107 kilometres (66 mi). Another extension stretches from Gulu southwestwards through Pakwach to end at Goli at the Border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a distance of approximately 190 kilometres (118 mi).

Kampala–Mpondwe Section

This is referred to as the Western Line. It starts in Kampala and passes through Bihanga in Ibanda District, continuing on to Mpondwe at the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a distance of about 430 kilometres (267 mi).

Bihanga–Mirama Hills Section

This is also referred to as the Southwestern Line. It stretches from Bihanga, through Ibanda and Mbarara to end at Mirama Hills, at the border with Rwanda, a distance of about 205 kilometres (127 mi).

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