Rosebud,Premier Roses Flower Production Capacity Shoots Up



Ravi with  staff in the flower packaging hall at Rosebud

Both  Rosebud Flower and her sister company  Premier Roses have been commended by the government for being in the forefront of enabling the country earn huge amounts of foreign currency in terms of taxes courtesy of their ever increasing production output.

The remark was last week made by the state minister for trade and cooperatives Michael Werikhe at his ministry offices at Farmers’ house in Kampala during an exclusive interview with the Xpresstimes when sought his comment about the current trends happening inside the country’s floricultural industry.

He noted that government appreciates the role being played by the floriculture industry in the country especially Rose Bud and her sister company Premier Roses both located at Namulanda off Entebbe road in Wakiso district of whom he said had of recent increased their export capacity by over 60% according to information reaching his ministry.


Ravi inspecting the finished flower products which are ready for export.

‘’We  commend  both  Rosebud and Premier Roses for continuing to remain  the biggest exporters of high quality Rose stems to the international market and do encourage their colleagues  to double their efforts in terms of improved products to attract better export returns’’ noted the minister.

He observed that Rosebud did the country proud when they exported a record close to 16 Million high quality Rose stems to the World market during this year’s International Mothers day which falls every  May 13th  , a season where the world Flowers demand shoots up especially in  the Americas, Europe and the Scandinavian countries.

‘’Statistics emerging from the sector indicates that Rosebud being the biggest exporter of Rose flowers did our country proud by way of increasing their export capacity  down from the normal 13 Million stems per month to over 16 Million respectively  just within that one month of International Mother’s day festive’’ he elaborated.

”My ministry which is strategically charged with responsibility of observing  figures of all types of   exports from Uganda shall continue to work with these investors to ensure that all necessary technical and logistical support is extended to them because of their pivotal role of empowering our people in fighting household poverty by way of creating thousands  of jobs for them not only in the flower sub sector but other key areas of the economy such as education, Real Estate, hospitality industry, Insurance among others” noted Werikhe.


                              Workers packing flowers ready for export

The government has urged farmers dealing in the flower growing sector to ensure that their product meets the required international standards as the only avenue of increasing their export portfolio thus enable them earn more foreign income  and also help  promote the country’s export subsector.

The farm manager Ravi Kumar exclusively told the Xpresstimes recently that they have stepped up their corporate social responsibilities [CSR] efforts by way of helping to ensure that the community of  Namulanda which surrounds both  their two farms do  benefits from a special pack  of free social services like access to clean water, healthcare, education and sports among others.

‘’We  sincerely appreciate the close cordial relationship we  enjoy with the community of Namulanda at large as we closely ensure that they access free social services like access to water, financial services, education, healthcare and sports respectively as these are part of our official company corporate social responsibility work of giving back to the immediate communities’’ noted Kumar.

However Rajiv Ruparelia the managing director  of Ruparelia Group  confirmed the developments saying Rosebud is now well placed and has capacity to export more high quality Roses flowers to the World market because they have increased on their acreage output, fighting pests on farm and the deliberate introduction of new high quality flower species.

‘’Rosebud assures the country that they have developed full capacity that enables them to export more volumes of flowers to the world  and promised to continue creating more jobs especially  empowering the women who are vulnerable to poverty as they carry the biggest burden of nurturing their families’’ Rajiv observed.

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