KISU Hosts 2nd Successful Xmas Festive Carnival

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By Kitts D.Mabonga

Last Saturday all roads led to the Bukoto based Kampala International School Uganda [KISU] were the  2nd Christmas Carnival fete  was held  and without disappointment, hundreds of guests turned up and  participated in various  merry making activities.

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Dr.Sudhir tries to take a picture of his wife Joystna and daughter Sheena (middle) during the Carnival at KISU

The celebrations that kicked off by 10Am  were characterized by children participating in  sorts of games, exhibition for various items like   Kitenge clothes, art and crafts, live stage  music shows, raffle draws  and plenty of  foods and drinks respectively.

The children of KISU impressed their parents when they put up a colorful show on stage as they performed break dance strokes and various songs and   poems while others took to the swimming pool, face painting, bicycle riding and holding group debates discussing topics like climate change with its negative effect on the Environment among others.

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flanked by his daughter Sheena told the guests that the Carnival is meant to bring together parents and friends from all corners of the business and academic back grounds with a view to share knowledge and discuss critical issues surrounding them or affecting their lives like the economy, corporate social responsibilities and general Networking.

‘’We are sure that every one of us that came here today must have got a new friend or at least learnt some new things of which could help them in transforming their livelihoods and ways of doing business and other life changing models’,notede Sudhir.


Some of the KISU pupils eating food in the open compound.

KISU Hosts 2nd  Successful Xmas Festive Carnival on behalf of the over 80 exhibitors that showcased their products thanked them for honoring their invitation to come and exhibit their products saying  she was optimistic that each and every one of them must have enjoyed the day by way of initiating new business contacts.

‘’We thank all you guys that turned up for this fete and wish to appreciate your  love towards all our engagements  and as you enter the Christmas Festive  season may God bless you abundantly.’’ Said Sheena.

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