Govt Clears Victoria University On Oil & Gas  Training Project

Dr. Krishna N. Sharma 8

Dr.Sharma (M) is joined by other officials to celebrate an award they won recently.

By Kitts D.Mabonga

As  the country prepares to reap big from the much anticipated Oil and Gas exploration program of which many look at as a new economic income turning point , many still  expressed concerns about the country’s  almost zero sector  human resource capacity potential in  as far as jobs for Ugandans is   concerned.

However the government has reassured the country that plans to help train hundreds of locals in this new sector have been finalized and that Victoria University may effective March 2019 be allowed to undertake the responsibility of training young non technical workers in the Oil and Gas sector a job it will do alongside Kichwamba Technical Institute.

The remark has been made by the higher education state minister Dr.Crysestome Muyingo during an interview with Xpress Times last week in Kampala who revealed that Victoria University that was solely selected among Universities to help offer training courses in Oil and gas related areas like plumbers, electrical works among others has been cleared and they expect her to start the job next year in March.

‘’Our technical teams have been holding discussions with officials from the UK based Coventry University who are set to oversee the entire training program as seconded to us by the World Bank and we believe Victoria has garnered that potential to do the job alongside Kichwamba Technical Institute’’ noted Muyingo.

He  observed that this University had been given the mandate to assemble competent lecturers  who would kick start the training of trainers [ ToT]  courses with a view that hundreds of our young people can scoop the necessary academic and professional competencies to be able to work in this new area.

The University vice chancellor Dr.Sharma Khrisna told Xpress Times at the sidelines of their end of year party that was held on Saturday at Speke Resort Munyonyo poolside that indeed arrangements are in top gear to  ensure that they put in place  necessary infrastructure to enable them do the job effectively.

‘’We have been meeting  technical delegations from Coventry  with view to discuss strategies of how best to move forward with this task and we can assure the public that we shall do all it takes to ensure that  more Ugandans get trained in this sector and be able to garner skills and graduate in this promising industry’’ noted Sharma.

‘’Coventry  with technical support from the government  helped us develop the  first ever  country’s new Oil and gas  curriculum that is acceptable at International standards meaning that students that shall graduate here can work anywhere around the World’’ he observed.

He thanked the government through their mother ministry of education for giving them opportunity to spear head this very critical project saying they would work hard to ensure that Ugandans shall benefit from this massive project through access to jobs.

‘’We are challenging Ugandan students to join Victoria University because we have all it takes to offer you highly specialized training skills that shall enable one to work anywhere across the global without disappointment’’  Sharma concluded.

The permanent secretary in the ministry of education Alex Kakooza said during a separate interview that the government had tasked them with responsibility of ensuring  that they train hundreds of young people that can in return be employed in the Petroleum industry as opposed to scouting out for workers from other countries.

‘’We have been given a tall order to ensure that we vigorously train thousands of Ugandan youths with a view that they get absorbed into this new Petroleum industry that we all expect that it will bring in more foreign currency to the government and help youths fight poverty and unemployment’’ noted Kakooza.

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