Victoria University Ends 2018 On The High

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The year 2018 has been a great year for Victoria University, both on the social and academic side, the Vice Chancellor Dr. Khrisna N. Sharma and  guild president Maria Peggy Nabunya said while speaking at the University end of year party which was over the weekend held at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

The University vice chancellor Dr. Krishna N. Sharma acknowledged that while they are yet at the high level they want to be, the year 2018  has been a good year. “We haven’t reached that level that we want as a university,” he told journalists during the party.
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Dr. Sharma said students have published over 35 publications, an improvement they have never registered. Also, Victoria University this year  signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Coventry University to teach trainers of trainers in the oil and gas sector at Kichwamba Technical Collage in Kabarole. “We have finished with the curriculum are we are hopeful that next year, it will be executed,”
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The faculty of health sciences published more research papers and journals than any other faculty.“The highest number of publications came from the faculty of health sciences followed by faculty of Business and Management, Humanities and Social Science and Science and Technology,” the vice chancellor said.
Some of the topics of focus during research and eventual publication of research findings including nutrition – specifically nutrition and dietetics among bank employees. Some students from the faculty of health sciences looked at some epidomological issues related to Uganda
Dr. Sharma said Victoria University will be organizing a public speech where students will come and present these research findings. “There has always been a gap between the researchers and the public who are the consumers of these publications.
The basic aim of a publication is to make research finding available to people,”
“By writing in our academic style, we are making it available for the academicians but how about the real people, policy makers – the real users of this information.
So we are going to organize a public lecture where our students will simplify their research and tell people what they found out. That will be our next project.
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