Speke hotel quiz nights finals on this 14th December

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Trivia, quiz and Karaoke is a night that happens every Wednesday at Rock Bar next to Speke Hotel.
It is a night hosted by Yours Truly and is a multi-threat of poetry, quiz and Karaoke brought together as the Holy Trinity of the best entertainment Kampala night life has to offer.
The poetry showcases premier spoken word poets who have made names across the region of East and Central Africa with their swagged-up and smoothed-out word-play.
Then we have a quiz which digs deep into your knowledge in order to find the fun facts that will keep you wondering how you didn’t know that a group of owls is called a parliament!

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quiz master Davis Kamanyire with fun loving quiz stars at speke hotel 
The prizes range from trips to sun-washed holiday spots like Mombasa and buckets of beer, plates upon plates of pizza and tickets to health spas and choice gymnasia.
To top it all, there is Karaoke which is the seedbed of all Kampala’s best singers from Juliana Kanyamozi to Bobi Wine.
Best of all, it gives you a chance to find your inner voice while having so much fun.

The Poetry, Quiz and Karaoke night at Rock Bar started as a small gathering with a cultural taste for good entertainment. These cultured people would meet every Wednesday at 7:00 pm until late.

At the beginning, a hearttful of poets led by Philip Matogo would perform their pieces for two hours before the quizmaster Davis Kamanyire took the reins and started the quiz.

After an hour and a half of questions levied upon the intelligence, knowledge and understanding of the quiz teams in attendance, Mr. Kamanyire would tally the results from four categories of questions and collate the results. After which, he would announce the winner and two runners-up.

These prizes would range from bottles of wine, buckets of beer, pizzas, and tickets to events, gyms and health spas all the way to trips abroad. The bounty of prizes intensified the competition and thus made the quiz so exciting.

By word of mouth and social media posts, the fame of the night grew. More poets showed up, musicians also arrived in tow and comedians such Daniel Omara took on roles ranging from performers to co-quizmasters. Suddenly, the event was celebrity-studded and cool. The initial gathering of a few expanded into a multitude of quiz and poetry enthusiasts. with much hope to enjoy this day and entering the Christmas moods lets meet there for the big do

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