Sudhir Speaks Out On Why Kampala Parents’ School Continues To Perform Well


Kampala Parents School (KPS) has made a statement as an academic powerhouse in not only Kampala but the entire country. The primary school owned by the Ruparelia Group continues to excel in the national Primary Leaving Examination (PLE).

In an interview with the press Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia, the proprietor of KPS, explained what makes the school continue to be a top notch performer. “We have listened to our parents, we worked closely with our teachers and pupils and this has shown in our 5-star performance
in the just released 2018 PLE results.”

In the 2018 PLE released results, KPS registered a 100 percent performance after all their 234 candidates passed in first grade.

This result betters that of 2017 where out of the 274 pupils, 200 scored first grade and the rest passed in second grade. In 2017, KPS was the best mathematics school in the country.
“This is a result of working with our teachers and pupils and listening to our parents and other stakeholders,” said Dr. Ruparelia. Rajiv Ruparelia, a director at the school said that with expansion projects complete, a lot more focus would be put academic excellence, with an aim of producing balanced pupils.
“Much as we did very well, better than most if not all the schools in our category, we are capable of a lot more. We have invested in the best facilities to create a great learning environment for pupils.
This great performance is a good indicator that the investment made by the directors is beginning to pay off. More importantly, it is an encouragement to our teachers, our parents and our pupils,” he said in a phone interview.
The school recently received a $7 million facelift and expansion that saw the building of 35 new classrooms, creating a total of 110 classrooms at the school. Two (2) state of the art libraries, 2 ICT rooms, 2 science labs, 2 home science labs, 1 media room, 1 stitching room, 1 music room, 1 drama room and a 2,000-seater multipurpose hall to double both as the dining hall and recreation centre were also built.
A new swimming pool, a basketball court and an extra playing field are being constructed as well as a 500-capacity purpose-built kindergarten and a day care centre with a capacity of up to 200 toddlers were also added.

The school also had a 2-kilometre wall fence erected around the 13-acre school complex as part of the expansion to boost security of the pupils.
The school has an installed capacity for 3,000 pupils in the upper primary school section and 700 kids in the kindergarten and day care sections.  The school admits pupils from 2 years (pre-primary) up to Primary 7.
Daphne Kato, the school’s Principal attributed the good performance hard work, a good relationship with parents and God’s blessings. “This performance, if you are to make it, you have to make sure you work hand in hand with the parents,”
“You have to make sure that you have a strong team of teachers. And the most important thing is to make sure that the facilities are in place. You have always seen our school, there is isn’t anything that is not available here. Our directors have provided whatever is required for pupils to excel.” Kato said.

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