Hindu Spiritual Master Preaches Peace, Love

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Dr.Sudhir in white joins colleagues to  capture every moment of  the special  presentation.

By Kitts D.Mabonga

The working and living in Uganda have been urged to always ensure that they strike a balance between key societal drivers such as personal interests,profession,social life and spiritual well-being as these values may guide them to  live a positive happy lifestyle.

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Sri Gurudev poses for s memorable photo at the ceremony

The call was over the weekend made by the visiting Sri Gurudev,the World’s eminent spiritual master from India while addressing over 500 members of the Hindu and Asian community resident in Uganda during a dinner presentation ceremony hosted by Dr.Sudhir Ruparelia family held at Lohana Academy school Kololo.

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Jyotsna with  friends enjoying every moment of the live spiritual presentation. 

Gurudev noted that the World today is faced with many complex challenges that requires one to strike a clear balance between their private life, profession, social and spiritual well being aspects if they are to avoid falling victims of negative societal challenges.

“We need to balance these four pillars of society in order to live a positive and peaceful lifestyle to avoid being misunderstood by  the public”notedGurudev adding that

Family heads must insist on conducting daily prayers by asking God to guide them in all their undertakings.

Dr.Sudhir marked that he was compelled to invite Gurudev to visit Uganda now for the third time because of his vast knowledge and experience on spiritual issues that give hope and encouragement to the people.

“As a family we decided to invite Gurudev back to Uganda because of his strongly enriched spiritual messages he imparts to our people and we also believe they can take up the messages and use it to transform their lives “observed the city property mogul.

In appreciation to the words of wisdom, the director of Rain bow International school Darshna Kotecha commended the guest for the positive remarks saying it was incumbent upon all participants to ensure that they listen to God and obey all the commands in order to achieve the best out of the World.

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