Kyambogo Uuniversity opens degree centers for the rural teachers


By Nicholas Shawn Mugarura

All will be history to primary teachers that have been seeking further education at Kyambogo University, it will no longer be a challenge as the university is starting a degree program at the nine primary teachers’ colleges (PTCs) for the purpose across the country.

Speaking at the launch of the programme at Jinja primary Teachers college Wanyange, this weekend, Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor, Prof Eli Katunguka, said the decision was triggered by demand by primary teachers to extend the Bachelor’s education to the up country centers.

Prof Katunguka explained that, the University’s mandate is to improve the country’s education by making it accessible to everyone, and by starting these new centers, the teachers will acquire more skills especially in education management, and this will enable them to advance their career.

The programme will mainly benefit any of those teachers seeking to acquire a Bachelor of education in primary education, or a Bachelor of education in special needs education external degree. And it will kick off this year.

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