Slaughter house chief decries High taxes, Appeals for govt grants


managing director of Nsooba slaughter house Capt.Denis Aubery Saazi

By Kitts D.Mabonga

Ugandans dealing in animals slaughter houses and Abattoirs  in the country are demanding that it was high time the government considered offering them grants or exclusive tax waivers to enable them remain in the sector business as opposed to offering such facilities to only foreigners.


     The meat products inside the slaughter house

The cries were recently made by the managing director of Nsooba slaughter house Capt.Denis Aubery Saazi during an exclusive interview with xpress times at Kalerwe in Kawempe division.

Saazi demanded that their industry continues to chock with high taxes levied on them by state tax bodies yet hundreds of foreign business companies are granted tax waiver sometimes spanning to over ten years.

“We want to appeal to our government to be fair to Ugandan local investors by way of unconditionally granting them a tax waiver of a specific period of time so that they can steadily grow and be able to post positive results of development” noted Saazi.

He also had issues with KCCA of whom he wants to urgently approve their building plans so that they can put up modern structures befitting their industry.

“KCCA continues to sit on our proposed building plans of which we submitted to them long time ago for approval so that we can move out of these rotten structures that house our slaughter house “elaborated the retired army officer.

He lamented that members of the surrounding communities continue lambasting them for reportedly releasing filthy waste like blood and into the Nsooba channel thus resulting into serious health challenges but blames KCCA for squarely failing to approve their plans so that they connect their waste products unto the official sewer lines of National water and sewerage corporation (NWSC)

Saazi concluded by wondering how their slaughter house now in existence of over 30 years could not be supported by the government yet they have created jobs to hundreds of locals ranging from sellers of meat and a chain of beef related products hides and skins, horn tips among others.

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