Proline SoccerAcademy Chief Awarded For Good Works


Memorable pose.Mujibu in blue jacket is joined by members of the Lubaga Rotaract club to celebrate his award

By Kitts D.Mabonga

The Rotaract club members of Lubaga division have extended their special vocation award accolades to the Proline soccer Academy boss MujibuKasule over his outstanding support towards children football in the country.



The colorful ceremony took place at Hotel Barbados along Lubaga road last night were the inspirational President for the Lubaga Rotaract club Lyazi Denis handed over the award to Mujibu amidst jubilation from the over 60 members in attendance.

“We are today honoured to hand over this prestigious vocation’ award to Mujibu in recognition of his exclusive and dedicated support to the promotion of football for children in Uganda and we challenge other Ugandans to emulate his role” noted Lyazi.

He observed that as Rotaractors of Lubaga they usually award any outstanding personality regardless of status who comes out to support humankind especially a service that creates  positive Impact among  communities.

Mujibu,he stressed has been instrumental in promoting football among children  by way of setting up the Proline soccer academy of which has helped expose the sporting talents of hundreds of children of Uganda and that is why they took this opportunity to reward him.

Mujibu in his remarks expressed his gratitude to the Rotaractors of Lubagawho came out to recognize his deeds saying he was indeed surprised by the action but however thanked God for giving him this vision of which  even people outside soccer business can still appreciate his efforts.

“Am humbled by the action taken by my brothers and sisters of  this great Rotaract Club and it tells how they love and appreciate my work of trying to build and nurture young talents through football and it has given me more mileage to even work harder to reach out to more children courtesy of helping them identify and benefit from their otherwise would be hidden unexplored talents remarked the soccer mogul.

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