Justice Musa Ssekaana dismisses mobile money tax case


By Nicholas Shawn Mugarura.

High court in Kampala has dismissed a case in which two mobile money users sued URA for taxing their mobile money deposits.

Following the government’s move that scrapped off taxes on depositing money on mobile money accounts. Two concerned Ugandans, Anthony Odur and John Robert Turyakira sued Telecom companies and the tax body demanding for a refund.

Last week, Justice Musa Ssekaana ruled that it was wrong for applicants to file the matter because mobile money deposits were never taxed after government made a change of decision and directed all Telecom companies to stop collecting the 1% tax on mobile money before it could come into effect.

Ssekaana said that by the time the two filled the application, the matter had already been overtaken by events and their was nothing to adjudicate about.

He explained that the issue raised by applicants had already been clarified and resolved by the letter of commissioner General for URA on July 4, 2018 way before the application was filled on July 12, 2018.

“in the result, I find this application to be lacking in merit and overtaken by events and it is hereby dismissed”.

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