Proposed Development Bill to regulate Industrial sector


By Kitts D.Mabonga

The government is determined to ensure that the industrial sector regulatory framework is strengthened to help bring about effective competition among the players.

The ministry of trade industry and cooperatives has undertaken the challenge of enacting the necessary policy legislation to effectively promote the industrial sector in the country.

The state minister for Cooperatives GumeNgobi Frederick told xpresstimes recently that they have developed various legislations for strengthening the regulatory framework and promotion of the industrial sector and key among them is the industrial development bill.

Gume observed that this legislation is geared towards repealing the now obsolete industrial licensing Act of 1969 of whose usefulness has been overtaken by the new technological advancements.

“Some of the provisions of this bill include technical regulations for location, start up and operations of industries in their different subsector categories “ noted the minister adding that the same bill will also promote orderly development of industries and improve capacity utilization among other issues.

He urged the stakeholder community to support the government to achieve their desired goals and interests for the good of the country however he commended both UNDP and UNIDO for their tireless technical and financial support to the ministry saying they would ensure resources allocated to policy legislation sector are put to good use.

The sector docket commissioner Peter Balimunsi noted that all efforts are being made to ensure that a strong legal framework is put in place for purposes of protecting the sector players like product consumers to harness a  deliberate competitive environment.

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